支(zhī) (一)



茶(chá) 对(duì)酒(jiǔ),赋(fù) 对(duì) 诗(shī),燕(yàn) 子(zǐ) 对(duì) 莺(yīng) 儿(ér)。

1. 栽(zāi) 花(huā) 对(duì) 种(zhǒng) 竹(zhú),落(luò) 絮(xù) 对(duì)游(yóu) 丝(sī)。

2. 四(sì)目(mù)颉(jié),一(yì)足(zú) 夔(kuí),鸲(qú) 鹆(yù) 对(duì)鹭(lù) 鸶(sī)。

3. 半(bàn) 池(chí) 红(hóng) 菡(hàn) 萏(dàn),一(yì)架(jià) 白(bái) 荼(tú) 蘼(mí)。

4. 几(jǐ)阵(zhèn) 秋(qiū) 风(fēng) 能(néng) 应(yīng) 候(hòu),一(yì)犁(lí)春(chūn) 雨(yǔ) 甚(shèn) 知(zhī)时(shí)。

智(zhì)伯(bó) 恩(ēn) 深(shēn),国(guó) 士(shì)吞(tūn) 变(biàn) 形(xíng) 之(zhī)炭(tàn);

5. 羊(yáng) 公(gōng) 德(dé) 大(dà),邑(yì) 人(rén) 竖(shù) 堕(duò) 泪(lèi) 之(zhī) 碑(bēi)。

6. 莺儿:黄鹂。Oriole.

游丝:漂浮在空中的蜘丝。Cobweb in the wind.

四目颉:仓颉。传说仓颉有四只眼。 CANG Jie, the creater of the inventor of Chinese characters in legand, it says that he has four eyes.

一足夔:这是误传。夔是舜的臣子,很有才华,据说只有一只脚。但其实舜的原话为:“得一夔足矣。”It’s misinformed that saying Kui only has one leg. Kui is one of Shun’s official and he’s very talented. Shun said: Only Kui is enough (for the government management).


7. 菡萏:荷花别名。 Lotus.

荼蘼:落叶小灌木,花白色,有香气,供观赏用。荼蘼是夏季最后盛放的花,当它开放的时候就意味着夏天的结束,秋天的开始。“荼蘼不争春,寂寞开最晚。”《红楼梦》中有语:开到荼蘼花事了——荼蘼过后,春天便不再了。Roseleaf raspberry is the last one that blossom in spring. After that the summer is coming.

8. 智伯恩深,国士吞变形之炭:智伯为春秋时晋国的大夫。豫让曾事于智伯。赵襄子与韩魏攻灭智伯后,豫让漆身吞炭,以改变容貌音声,谋刺赵襄子为智伯报仇。Zhi Bo is a Dafu(a senior official) of Jin in the Spring and Autumn Period,Yu Rang worked for him. After Zhao Xiangzi, Han and Wei defeated Zhi Bo, Yu Rang smeared himself to disguise and ate charcoal to change his voice in order to assassinate Zhao Xiangzi to revenge Zhi Bo.

9. 羊公德大邑人竖堕泪之碑:羊公就是羊祜字叔子,为西晋大臣,武帝时都督荆州诸军事,为官勤政清廉,任内极得民心,死后百姓见到他的墓碑就流泪,时人称为堕泪碑。Yang Gong, refers to Yang Hu, is an official of the West Jin Dynasty. He was the governor of Jingzhou and people regarded him very high about his integrity, diligenc and etc. Whenever they saw his tombstone, they would tear, so his tombstone was called The Tombstone Bring Tears.

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